1999-11-02 Przemek Borys * AUTHORS, src/Makefile.am, src/manual.c: bugfix, and new makefile.am, which makes backup copies of old pinforc file 1999-10-31 Przemek Borys * src/parse_config.h, src/pinfo.c, src/pinforc.in, src/printinfo.c, src/regexp_search.c, src/regexp_search.h, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/video.c, configure.in, doc/pinfo.1.in, NEWS, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/mainfunction.c, src/mainfunction.h, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c: opis w NEWS do 0.5.9 1999-10-10 Przemek Borys * src/mainfunction.c: fixed bug in totalsearch 1999-10-02 Przemek Borys * src/manual.c: patch for solaris (setenv->putenv) 1999-09-29 Przemek Borys * src/parse_config.c: tiny change 1999-09-25 Tomasz Kłoczko * pinfo.spec.in: - added ru translation from KSI-Linux spec file. 1999-09-19 Przemek Borys * configure.in, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/pinfo.c, src/utils.c: bugfixes, v0.5.8 1999-09-15 Tomasz Kłoczko * po/cs.po, po/de.po, po/pl.po, po/ru.po, po/sv.po: - updated. Przemek .. please before releasing each new version update .po files. 1999-09-15 Przemek Borys * po/de.po: german translation--update 1999-09-08 Artur Frysiak * pinfo.spec.in: - added ru locale * pinfo.spec.in: - now work on RedHat too (I hope) 1999-09-07 Przemek Borys * src/pinfo.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, configure.in, NEWS, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/filehandling_functions.h, src/Makefile.am, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c: fixed --with-included-gettext (I hope) man pages can now have width different than 80 cols -r option works with compressed files NEW VERSION :) (what was the command, which I should pass to CVS now? ;) 1999-09-04 Artur Frysiak * pinfo.spec.in: - fix building on RH 6.0 1999-08-28 Przemek Borys * src/filehandling_functions.c, src/manual.c, NEWS: portability changes 1999-08-27 Jiri Pavlovsky * po/cs.po: *** empty log message *** 1999-08-22 Przemek Borys * README: *** empty log message *** 1999-08-18 Przemek Borys * src/manual.c, configure.in, NEWS: manual supports now key_goto (please update .po translations) 1999-08-16 Przemek Borys * src/video.c: fixed percent calculation 1999-08-15 Przemek Borys * AUTHORS, NEWS: . 1999-08-14 Przemek Borys * src/manual.c: correction to the split-link handler * doc/pinfo.1.in, src/pinforc.in, NEWS: Changes in docs. 1999-08-14 Jiri Pavlovsky * src/manual.c, src/video.c, po/cs.po: pinfo will no longer say, you are viewing >100% of a document :) updated cs.po 1999-08-13 Przemek Borys * src/colors.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, configure.in, doc/pinfo.1.in: little changes to make autoconf work how expected * src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/pinforc.in, AUTHORS: modified pinforc.in to not add filters by default manual code now fully supports carried links. 1999-08-12 Przemek Borys * src/datatypes.c, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/mainfunction.c: modified default for ignoremacros (it can't be a constant) modified search routines for indirect entries modified routines for tag table creation * src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, NEWS: mainfunction -- updated searching routine to match new reality manual.c -- a code for following links splitted across lines, ie. send- mail.8 1999-08-10 Przemek Borys * src/manual.c: sigsegv fix 1999-08-03 Paweł Wilk * src/manual.c: fixed zipped files greeping/viewing 1999-07-30 Paweł Wilk * src/manual.c: little improvement when ignore notice is shown 1999-07-29 Artur Frysiak * pinfo.spec.in: - switch to rpm 3.0.x * configure.in: - check for more functions * ChangeLog: updated 1999-07-29 Paweł Wilk * src/manual.c: added configurable macro-remover * po/pl.po: added IGNORE translation * src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h: added macro-remover default variables * src/parse_config.c: customizations for macro-remover * src/pinforc.in: macro-remover default settings * po/de.po, po/sv.po, ChangeLog: niespodzianka 1999-07-24 Przemek Borys * src/pinfo.c: pinfo drops on floor root privileges 1999-07-24 Paweł Wilk * src/common_includes.h, src/pinfo.c: added checksu() func. used for leaving root privileges 1999-07-16 Przemek Borys * src/colors.c, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/initializelinks.c, src/mainfunction.c, src/pinfo.c, src/signal_handler.c, src/utils.c: the most time-consuming parts of pinfo should work faster. Could sb test it on some weak machine? ;) 1999-07-15 Przemek Borys * src/signal_handler.c: modified signal handler to produce better crash messages ;) * src/initializelinks.c: extracted the greatest time hog in initializelinks: exists_in_tag_table() I need now to make it faster--probably by sorting tag_table, and then using some more efficient algorithm. 1999-07-14 Artur Frysiak * ChangeLog: autoupdate 1999-07-13 Artur Frysiak * ChangeLog: autoupdate 1999-07-13 Przemek Borys * doc/pinfo.1.in: updated example cfg file in pinfo.1 * src/colors.c: accidentaly removed transparent support ;) * src/manual.h: added configurable macro-remover * src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/pinfo.c, src/printinfo.c, src/utils.c, src/colors.c, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/initializelinks.c, src/mainfunction.c: removed Wall warnings 1999-07-10 Przemek Borys * src/colors.c: Let's start testing transparent COLOR_DEFAULT... 1999-07-09 Przemek Borys * src/parse_config.c, src/pinforc.in: vi-style secondary keybindings * src/manual.c, NEWS: fixed tiny bug in manual code 1999-07-08 Przemek Borys * src/filehandling_functions.c, src/utils.c: bugfixes 1999-07-07 Przemek Borys * src/filehandling_functions.c, src/pinfo.c: fixed bugs: pinfo with no filename argument, but with argc>1 runs dir page dir pages aren't concatenated if in $INFOPATH there is a entry, which corresponds to some default entry (to avoid duplicates) 1999-07-01 Przemek Borys * src/initializelinks.c, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/signal_handler.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, TODO: bugfixes. added new facility to turn off the cursor * src/initializelinks.c, src/manual.c, src/printinfo.c, src/readlinewrapper.c, src/utils.c: memory allocation fixes 1999-06-29 Przemek Borys * po/pl.po, src/common_includes.h, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/initializelinks.c, src/mainfunction.c, src/Makefile.am, src/manual.c, src/menu_and_note_utils.c, src/parse_config.c, src/pinforc.in, src/printinfo.c, src/printinfo.h, src/video.c: added printing facility fixed indentation renamed .row members to .col :) (as it should be) * src/parse_config.h: customizations for macro-remover * doc/pinfo.1.in, NEWS: added printing facility fixed indentation renamed .row members to .col :) (as it should be) 1999-06-28 Przemek Borys * src/colors.h, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.h, src/initializelinks.c, src/initializelinks.h, src/keyboard.h, src/mainfunction.h, src/manual.c, src/manual.h, src/menu_and_note_utils.c, src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h, src/pinfo.c, src/readlinewrapper.c, src/signal_handler.h, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/video.c, TECHSTUFF: Updated comments to the source... 1999-06-27 Przemek Borys * AUTHORS, configure.in, po/pl.po, src/initializelinks.c: even even faster compare_tag_table_string() ;)) * src/initializelinks.c: even faster compare_tag_table_string() 1999-06-25 Przemek Borys * src/filehandling_functions.c, src/filehandling_functions.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/menu_and_note_utils.c, src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h, src/pinfo.c, src/pinforc.in, doc/pinfo.1, NEWS, TODO: support for dir lookups (i.e. when there is a dir entry, which has the same name with the command-line specified name, then that entry will be used -- example `pinfo cat'). * doc/pinfo.1.in, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/pinforc.in, TODO: Added key_goline (like ^KL in joe) 1999-06-22 Przemek Borys * AUTHORS, NEWS, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/initializelinks.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/readlinewrapper.c: fixed some memory leaks added speed improvements 1999-06-20 Przemek Borys * TODO: added todo 1999-06-17 Przemek Borys * src/manual.c, NEWS, TODO: Fixed the sigsegv (underrun) bug in manual code. Pity that 0.5.4 is already released :-/ 1999-06-16 Artur Frysiak * ChangeLog: - updated 1999-06-16 Jiri Pavlovsky * src/initializelinks.c: fixed a tiny bug in multiline '*note' display 1999-06-14 Jiri Pavlovsky * po/cs.po: cs.po update 1999-06-13 Przemek Borys * src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/pinforc.in, src/video.c, AUTHORS, configure.in: Fixed bug with highlighting Fixed buf with not showing the last line of info pages. Prepared for 0.5.4 release. 1999-06-12 Przemek Borys * TODO: noted a bug to fix... * TODO: added a forgotten todo 1999-06-11 Przemek Borys * src/colors.c, src/colors.h, src/initializelinks.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, NEWS: simple search highlighting (finally ;) Well... we're ready for the new release now ;) 1999-06-10 Przemek Borys * po/ru.po: po dlia russkowo jazyka :) 1999-06-08 Jiri Pavlovsky * po/cs.po, src/pinfo.c: correction to my previous correction in help message :) * src/pinfo.c, po/cs.po: Continuing my mission to deliver the most up-to-date and accurate pinfo help message :) updated cs.po 1999-06-08 Przemek Borys * src/manual.c, src/pinfo.c, AUTHORS, po/pl.po: updated polish po renamed -empty-lines to -squeeze-lines (like in less/cat) 1999-06-07 Jiri Pavlovsky * src/datatypes.c, src/pinfo.c, po/cs.po: Fixed typo in datatypes.c. Updated argument parsing code and help message to reflect new options. cs.po updated 1999-06-05 Linus Åkerlund * po/sv.po, src/parse_config.c: parse_config.c: added check for NULL pointer to skip_whitespace(), and checks for the return value of skip_whitespace(), to get better error reporting. sv.po: updated. 1999-06-04 Przemek Borys * doc/pinfo.1.in, src/colors.c, src/common_includes.h, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/mainfunction.c, src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h, src/pinfo.c, src/pinforc.in, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/video.c, NEWS: added concatenation of all available dir pages into one added clear-screen at exit added lightbackground fixed displaying of text lines with different backgrounds (now the bakgorund reaches till the end of screen, not till the end of line). * src/initializelinks.c: Updated splitted into several lines note handler. 1999-05-31 Przemek Borys * src/initializelinks.h, src/utils.c, doc/pinfo.1.in: whitespaced notes should work now :) Updated man page. 1999-05-30 Przemek Borys * po/pl.po, AUTHORS: polish support for yes/no 1999-05-26 Jiri Pavlovsky * src/pinforc.in, po/cs.po: Put the 'QUIT-CONFIRM-DEFAULT' option to the pinforc. cs.po updated 1999-05-26 Przemek Borys * src/utils.h, src/datatypes.h, src/initializelinks.c, src/utils.c: comments/cleanups/etc. 1999-05-26 Artur Frysiak * ChangeLog: updated 1999-05-26 Jiri Pavlovsky * src/datatypes.h, src/keyboard.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/datatypes.c: 1999-05-26 Jiri Pavlovsky * src/datatypes.c src/datatypes.h src/keyboard.h src/mainfunction.c src/manual.c src/parse_config.c src/pinforc.in src/utils.c src/utils.h: Internationalize answer to the 'confirm-quit' dialog (and possibly any future yes/no dialog:). New config option 'QUIT-CONFIRM-DEFAULT' - determines default answer to the 'confirm-quit' dialog. 1999-05-20 Przemek Borys * doc/pinfo.1.in, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/initializelinks.c, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/pinforc.in, NEWS: Fixed bug in *note:' detection. Added option for enabling quit confirmation at exit (as in lynx). 1999-05-18 Artur Frysiak * ChangeLog: - updated 1999-05-18 Przemek Borys * NEWS: This time I'll update news file from the begining of new version work ;) 1999-05-17 Przemek Borys * doc/pinfo.1.in, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.h, src/initializelinks.c, src/initializelinks.h, src/keyboard.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/pinfo.c, src/pinforc.in, src/regexp_search.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h: Added Filter-0xb7 option Corrected pgdn/end scrolling (at end they move to the last visible link) Corrected tab handling in highlights. 1999-05-16 Przemek Borys * po/cs.po, AUTHORS, NEWS: updated cs.po 1999-05-15 Przemek Borys * doc/pinfo.1.in, NEWS, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/pinfo.c, src/pinforc.in, src/regexp_search.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h: Added a wrapper for regexp search functions (a nonregexp wrapper). Modified pinfo.c to conform gnu standards. Modified pinforc.in to demonstrate the use of CTRL_KEY * doc/pinfo.1, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/pinfo.c, src/pinforc.in, AUTHORS, configure.in, NEWS: Added STDERR-REDIRECTION, MAN-OPTIONS, LONG-MANUAL-LINKS, and fixed bug in building of suffixed filename for .bz2, and .Z KEY_ALT, and KEY_CTRL work now fine. Added notes to pinfo.1, added changes to pinforc.in. 1999-05-15 Artur Frysiak * doc/pinfo.1.in: - man page templete * configure.in, doc/.cvsignore, doc/Makefile.am, doc/pinfo.1, Makefile.am, pinfo.spec.in, po/cs.po, po/de.po, po/pl.po, po/sv.po: - generate automagicali pinfo.1 1999-05-15 Przemek Borys * src/keyboard.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h: config file parser now accepts KEY_CTRL('x') and KEY_ALT('x') (done by Linus) Besides, I've fixed alt key handler -- it now works fine... at least at linux console ;) 1999-05-14 Przemek Borys * TODO: removed old todo ;) 1999-05-13 Artur Frysiak * ChangeLog: - updated * src/Makefile.am: - CURSES_LIBS now in LIBS - CURSES_INCLUDES now in CPPFLAGS * src/parse_config.c: - used HAVE_KEY_END instead USE_NCURSES * src/.cvsignore, src/pinforc, src/pinforc.in: - autogenerate pinforc (now only KEY_END_1 ) * acconfig.h, configure.in: - added test have KEY_END in curses (if yes then define HAVE_KEY_END) 1999-05-13 Przemek Borys * src/manual.c, src/regexp_search.c: Added 2> redirection EVERYWHERE in manual.c (I hope ;) modified global regexp search to not find regexps longer than two lines (they are quite unusable for the reader, and shouldn't appear) * doc/pinfo.1, po/pl.po, src/pinfo.c, AUTHORS: Added --node command line option. Modified `AUtHORS' structure 1999-05-12 Przemek Borys * src/keyboard.h: support for KEY_CTRL, KEY_ADD -- adapted from midnight commander's source 1999-05-11 Przemek Borys * src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h, src/pinfo.c, src/pinforc, doc/pinfo.1: Added searchagain key Noted, that KEY_END is probably available only in ncurses (since it was used in sample config file, and I received a bug report about it, when compiled on solaris) 1999-05-09 Przemek Borys * src/manual.c, src/pinfo.c: Added one _("blah") to pinfo.c Updated mailto-link recognization in manual.c 1999-05-06 Tomasz Kłoczko * pinfo.spec.in: - added %{_target} macro to ./configure parameters. 1999-05-06 Przemek Borys * po/de.po: updated german translation. 1999-05-03 Artur Frysiak * ChangeLog: updated * pinfo.spec.in: - added sv and de locale 1999-05-03 Przemek Borys * src/filehandling_functions.c, src/pinfo.c: added indentation :) * src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/filehandling_functions.h, src/pinfo.c, configure.in, doc/pinfo.1, NEWS, po/de.po: moved to version 0.5.2 (since the 0.5.1 contained serious bug) added -t option for viewing corrupted info files. added german translation 1999-05-02 Przemek Borys * po/sv.po, configure.in, NEWS: Added Swedish language module. Moved version number to 0.5.1. 1999-05-01 Przemek Borys * src/pinforc, src/readlinewrapper.c: renamed mutt to pine in pinforc reformatted readlinewrapper.c 1999-04-30 Przemek Borys * src/colors.c, src/colors.h, src/common_includes.h, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/filehandling_functions.h, src/initializelinks.c, src/initializelinks.h, src/localestuff.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/mainfunction.h, src/manual.c, src/manual.h, src/menu_and_note_utils.c, src/menu_and_note_utils.h, src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h, src/pinfo.c, src/readlinewrapper.c, src/readlinewrapper.h, src/regexp_search.c, src/regexp_search.h, src/sigblock.c, src/sigblock.h, src/signal_handler.c, src/signal_handler.h, src/snprintf.c, src/test.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/video.c, src/video.h: Reindented sources to gnu style rules. Added more comments to source files. Huh. I'm tired :) * doc/pinfo.1, NEWS: pinfo1 -- noted support for international info pages. NEWS -- preparing for 0.5.1 release 1999-04-29 Przemek Borys * doc/pinfo.1, src/datatypes.c, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h, src/pinforc: Added pgdn(up)_auto, fixed allocation bug in infopath handler. Added support for turning off a key binding (0 value). 1999-04-27 Przemek Borys * po/cs.po, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/pinforc, doc/pinfo.1: added support for manlinks, and empty-man-lines config-options my home cvs repository is down, I'M MAD :(( But I hope I've uploaded everything, what's necessary. 1999-04-27 Artur Frysiak * pinfo.spec.in: - added cs locale 1999-04-27 Przemek Borys * po/cs.po, configure.in: Added czech language support (Jiri Pavlovsky) 1999-04-26 Artur Frysiak * ChangeLog: - updated 1999-04-24 Przemek Borys * src/initializelinks.c: modified recognization of e-mail addresses (now there is required an username before '@'). 1999-04-23 Przemek Borys * src/initializelinks.c: Added support for splitted into two lines `highlights'. 1999-04-23 Linus Åkerlund * src/parse_config.c, doc/pinfo.1: parse_config.c: Fixed blank lines in config file. pinfo.1: Added some more explanation about config file. 1999-04-23 Przemek Borys * doc/pinfo.1: Mentioned the last changes in man page :) * src/pinfo.c, src/mainfunction.c: Modified key_goto behaviour. Now it can either follow the `file.info' syntax, or the `info-standard' syntax -- `(file) node'. 1999-04-22 Przemek Borys * src/parse_config.h, src/menu_and_note_utils.c, src/menu_and_note_utils.h, src/parse_config.c, src/mainfunction.c, po/pl.po, AUTHORS: Internationalized config file parser error message. Added support for key_upnode (Marius Gedminas) Modified handling of blank lines in config file. 1999-04-21 Linus Åkerlund * src/parse_config.c: Fixed the bug/feature that gave you a parse error for empty lines in the config file. 1999-04-21 Przemek Borys * src/initializelinks.c, src/pinforc, src/readrc.c, src/readrc.h, src/video.c, po/pl.po: minor change to initializelinks -- it now ignores apostrophes in words ending with n't (like wouldn't, haven't,...) removed old files. 1999-04-21 Artur Frysiak * ChangeLog: updated 1999-04-21 Przemek Borys * doc/pinfo.1: Stilistical changes to pinfo.1 1999-04-21 Linus Åkerlund * src/pinforc, src/parse_config.c: Added user visible error messages like "parse error on line XX". Added MAILEDITOR option. 1999-04-20 Przemek Borys * src/initializelinks.c: updated little bug, which was caused by not counting tabs as 8 chars, but as 1. 1999-04-20 Linus Åkerlund * doc/pinfo.1: Fixed some formulations and spelling errors. * src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h: Modified Files: pinfo/src/parse_config.c pinfo/src/parse_config.h 1999-04-19 Przemek Borys * src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/initializelinks.c, src/initializelinks.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, doc/pinfo.1: Added support for mail@addresses.embedded in the viewed documents. Now you can send mail to such an addres by just pressing key_followlink on it. 1999-04-18 Przemek Borys * AUTHORS, configure.in, INSTALL.in, NEWS, TODO: Some modifications before next release. We move to 0.5.0 now, and I put this release on the web. * src/Makefile.am: A little modification in src/makefile.am semantic. Now it generates useful makefile.in's on my machine. (feel free to correct it if it's wrong, but I think it's OK ;) * src/pinforc, src/utils.c, src/video.c, src/colors.c, src/colors.h, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/initializelinks.c, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h: Secured tmp files. Now I use tempnam() to get a tmp name. It seems to work ;) Besides, I've added support for highlighting `quoted' text in info files. 1999-04-17 Przemek Borys * src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h, src/video.c, src/colors.c, src/colors.h, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/initializelinks.c, src/initializelinks.h, src/mainfunction.c: Added experimental support for URL's embedded int info pages or man pages. Pinfo will now call lynx, when you press key_followlink on a detected url. (in future the www browser will be configurable ;) * src/manual.c, src/initializelinks.c: manual.c -- added back the stderr redirections by system() initializelinks.c -- added support for menus and notes, ending either by comma, period, tab, or newline. (as stated in info page for texinfo) 1999-04-16 Przemek Borys * src/initializelinks.c: added support for multiple note references in a single info line to the file initializelinks.c 1999-04-16 Artur Frysiak * macros/Makefile.am: - added missing readline.m4 macro * po/pl.po, src/Makefile.am, src/utils.c, acconfig.h, configure.in, pinfo.spec.in: - added --with-localedir=dir configure option - removed --with-readline from spec - pl.po updated with msgmerge - using PACKAGE and LOCALEDIR macros in bindtextdomain and textdomain 1999-04-16 Przemek Borys * src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h, src/pinforc, src/mainfunction.c: added key_dirpage do info module. You can now move to `dir' page by pressing 'd' (or whatever you define) * po/pl.po: Original (full) polish language module, which in some way missed the cvs repository. * doc/pinfo.1: updated manual page -- noted support for whitespaces between config file entries. * src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c: mainfunction.c, manual.c - removed a bug, which caused sigsegv when nothing was given to regexp search. manual.c - removed bash stderr redirection. (this program is about to run not only under different shells, but also under different operating systems! :) 1999-04-16 Artur Frysiak * src/manual.c: - redirect man and appropos 2>/dev/null 1999-04-15 Artur Frysiak * src/localestuff.h, pinfo.spec.in: - added --without-included-gettext to ./configure in spec - included config.h in localestuff.h (to correct determine locale support) * po/pl.po, src/Makefile.am, configure.in, Makefile.am, pinfo.spec.in: - make rpm depends additional to pinfo.spec - correct some typos in configure.in - added pinforc and polish locale to %files in spec - added extra sources to EXTAR_DIST to include in dist tarball * pinfo.spec.in: - changed configure option to --with-readline * macros/autogen.sh, macros/readline.m4, src/common_includes.h, src/Makefile.am, src/readlinewrapper.c, src/readlinewrapper.h, src/utils.c, configure.in, INSTALL.in, pinfo.spec.in: - in INSTALL.in: change rpm -bb to make rpm - if ./configure not found curses exit with error message - added AM_CONDITIONAL to HAVE_SNPRINTF and HAVE_SIGBLOCK (if conditional is true not include extra source) - in src/autogen.sh: s/Gnome/pinfo/ - in macros/readline.m4: not use GNU readline at default - in src/Makefile.am: split pinfo_SOURCE to pinfo_COMMON_SRC, pinfo_SNPRINTF_SRC, pinfo_READLINE_SRC and pinfo_SIGBLOCK_SRC. This allow compile only needed sources - in src/common_includes.h: include some headers files if need - in src/readlinewrapper.[ch]: remove commented #ifndef (for cleanup) - in src/utils.c: resurect GNU readline support 1999-04-15 Przemek Borys * src/datatypes.c, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/mainfunction.c, src/parse_config.c, src/pinforc, doc/pinfo.1: added new features to config file added a possibility to move across different info documents with key_goto added support for infopages not ending with '.info' 1999-04-15 Artur Frysiak * po/pl.po: One typo 1999-04-14 Tomasz Kłoczko * ChangeLog: - updated ChangeLog. * po/pl.po: - starting translation, - added proper header. * po/pl.po, configure.in: - starting pl translation. 1999-04-14 Przemek Borys * src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/manual.c, src/pinfo.c, src/readlinewrapper.c, src/readlinewrapper.h, src/utils.c: some updates. i.e. new command line option 1999-04-14 Artur Frysiak * acconfig.h, configure.in: - Last (I hope) fix for check sigblock 1999-04-13 Artur Frysiak * configure.in: version up to 0.4.9 * src/filehandling_functions.c, src/filehandling_functions.h, src/initializelinks.c, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/regexp_search.c, src/utils.c, NEWS: - Changes from 0.4.9 (Przemek still ignore ours work) * src/sigblock.c, src/common_includes.h: - include sigblock.h in sigblock.c 1999-04-13 Dobrica Pavlinusic * src/sigblock.h: changed back that #ifdef at begining. It created a lot of "allready defined" warnings on systems which actually have it. It work like this also... * src/sigblock.h: fixed one wrong #ifdef (first one) and one semicolumn (;) at sigblock proto. Now compiles on Solaris. But, it doesn't link yet. 1999-04-13 Artur Frysiak * macros/readline.m4, src/mainfunction.c, src/Makefile.am, src/manual.c, src/signal_handler.c, configure.in, macros/curses.m4, Makefile.am: - make rpm depends to Makefile (build new tarball if Makefile changed) - changed schemat of searching sigblock - some cleanup in configure.in - s/INCLUDEDIR/INCLUDES/ - in macros/curses.m4: changed CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS (-D is preprocessor flag) - use #ifdef getmaxyx instead #ifdef USE_NCURSES (in some places) * src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h: - Added missing typedef - changes for correct determine curses version (stil unfinished) 1999-04-13 Dobrica Pavlinusic * configure.in: * configure.in: - check for sigblock in libbsd 1999-04-13 Artur Frysiak * Makefile.am: hook for make rpms 1999-04-12 Artur Frysiak * ChangeLog: - updated (with correct names and emails) * po/POTFILES.in, src/colors.c: - removed readrc.c from POTFILES - s/#ifdef USE_NCURSES/#ifndef NO_COLOR_CURSES/ in colors.c * ChangeLog: updated * src/readlinewrapper.h: - use HAS_READLINE (from readline.m4) instead HAVE_LIBREADLINE * macros/readline.m4, src/Makefile.am, src/readlinewrapper.c, src/readlinewrapper.h, src/utils.c, acconfig.h, configure.in: - added readline.m4 macro to search for GNU readline library * po/.cvsignore: ignore more autogenerated files * po/POTFILES.in: - my stupid bug (spaces on end of lines) * src/sigblock.h: - added commented macro sigsegmask from glibc Dobrica, please test both. * src/common_includes.h, src/Makefile.am, src/sigblock.c, src/sigblock.h, configure.in: - added check for sigblock to configure.in - added snprintf.c, sigblock.[ch] to pinfo_SOURCES - include sigblock.h in common_includes.h - added replecament of sigblock (from glibc 2.1) and sigmask macro (from bash) * src/utils.c: in +164 changed #ifdef to #ifndef (sugested by Dobrica Pavlinusic ) * src/snprintf.c: - include config.h if defined HAVE_CONFIG_H 1999-04-10 Artur Frysiak * src/Makefile.am: - remove readrc.[ch] from pinfo_SOURCES (this files not in pinfo 0.4.8 tarball) * pinfo.spec.in: - updated %changelog * po/Makefile.in.in: no more autogenerated files * INSTALL.in: - changed install rpm from -i to -U (save time to ansver question: " I can't install pinfo. Rpm fail with messages: pinfo conflicts with pinfo-OLDVERSION. Whats wrong? " ) * INSTALL.in: fix typos * Makefile.am: added INSTALL to EXTRA_DIST * src/pinfo.c, acconfig.h, configure.in, .cvsignore, INSTALL, INSTALL.in: - now VERSION is defined _only_ in configure.in - update INSTALL INSTALL now is autogenerated from INSTALL.in. Change INSTALL.in insted INSTALL. * configure.in: - changed version to 0.4.8 * ChangeLog: updated * doc/pinfo.1, src/datatypes.c, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/initializelinks.c, src/localestuff.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/menu_and_note_utils.c, src/parse_config.c, src/pinfo.c, src/pinforc, src/readlinewrapper.c, src/test.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/video.c, NEWS: - sync with 0.4.8 Przemek please use cvs ;-) * mainfunction.h: this file is in src dir * po/.cvsignore: more autogenerated files * .cvsignore: ignore more autogenerated files * mkinstalldirs, missing: removed autogenerated file * po/.cvsignore: next autogenerated files * po/POTFILES.in: remove all source files; please fix me * po/ChangeLog: epmty but needed file * configure.in: another try to i18n * acconfig.h, configure.in, Makefile.am: next try to i18n * .cvsignore: next autogenerated files * po/.cvsignore: ignore autogenerated files * po/POTFILES.in: list of file with localized messages * configure.in: firts part cleanup * po/Makefile.in.in: stuf for i18n * configure.in, src/pinfo.c: - removed --with-getopt options from ./configure check for getopt_long solved problem with getopt 1999-04-09 Artur Frysiak * pinfo.spec.in: - correct one typo * macros/curses.m4: - added $CURSES_INCLUDEDIR to eval version of ncurses * acconfig.h, configure.in, Makefile.am, pinfo.spec.in: - fix parsing CONFIGDIR (now CONFIGDIR is $sysconfdir/pinforc) * src/utils.c, configure.in: - next try to fix --with-readline now path to libreadline.so maybe given ( --with-readline=/path/to/lib ) and path to readline.h maybe given ( --with-readline-inc=/path/to/include ) * src/utils.c, acconfig.h, configure.in: - fix for --with-readline * src/colors.c, src/mainfunction.c, src/Makefile.am, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/signal_handler.c, configure.in: - changed all #ifndef ___OLD_CURSES___ to #ifdef USE_NCURSES * src/snprintf.c: Original from Patrick Powell. Hacked from mutt by Dobrica Pavlinusic * configure.in, src/Makefile.am: - changes by Dobrica Pavlinusic "- added automatic check for getopt_long (no need to use options to configure) - added automatic check for GNU readline (if not found it defines appropriate symbol and continues -- before it just aborted) - added sprintf replacement Known problems: - GNU readline lib isn't found on Digital UNIX (it's installed!) -- I will have a look at that after this weekend" * src/Makefile.am: added pinforc (install in , default /etc) 1999-04-07 Artur Frysiak * configure.in: - disable --with-old-curses and fixed one typo * configure.in: version up to 0.4.6 * NEWS, doc/pinfo.1, INSTALL, README, TODO, AUTHORS: sync with 0.4.6 * src/common_includes.h, src/.cvsignore, src/Makefile.am: - using HAVE_CONFIG_H and USE_NCURSES common_includes.h * src/initializelinks.c, src/initializelinks.h, src/localestuff.h, src/readlinewrapper.c, src/readlinewrapper.h: new from pinfo 0.4.6 * src/colors.c, src/common_includes.h, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/filehandling_functions.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/mainfunction.h, src/Makefile.am, src/manual.c, src/menu_and_note_utils.c, src/menu_and_note_utils.h, src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h, src/pinfo.c, src/signal_handler.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/video.c, src/video.h: sync with pinfo 0.4.6 * src/pinforc: initial version from pinfo 0.4.6 1999-04-01 Tomasz Kłoczko * configure.in: - removed AM_PROG_LIBTOOL. 1999-03-31 Tomasz Kłoczko * ChangeLog: - updated. * pinfo.spec.in: - one cleanup and fix in %doc. Now pinfo is realy ready and can be quickly maked by: $ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.pld.org.pl:/cvsroot login (Logging in to anonymous@cvs.pld.org.pl) CVS password: $ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.pld.org.pl:/cvsroot co pinfo $ cd pinfo $ ./autogen.sh ;make dist ; rpm -ta -v pinfo-*.tar.gz 1999-03-31 Artur Frysiak * TODO: - info about /home/users/wiget/tmp 1999-03-31 Tomasz Kłoczko * NEWS: - moved from CHANGELOG. * CHANGELOG: - CHANGELOG moved to NEWS. 1999-03-31 Artur Frysiak * Makefile.am: - real using EXTRA_DIST 1999-03-31 Tomasz Kłoczko * doc/Makefile.am: - added proper macros for man pages. 1999-03-31 Artur Frysiak * TODO: TODO file * AUTHORS: changes from orginal tarball * ChangeLog: entry from 0.4.0 * ChangeLog: - moved CHANGELOG to ChangeLog 1999-03-31 Tomasz Kłoczko * configure.in: Added AM_MAINTAINER_MODE (without this macros/macros.dep is not generated). 1999-03-31 Artur Frysiak * configure.in: - correct display ./configure --help * configure.in: - one typo * acconfig.h, configure.in, pinfo.spec.in, src/common_includes.h, src/Makefile.am: - added (hacked from orginal Makefile) ./configure options: --enable-cursor [default=no ] --enable-static [default=yes] --with-old-curses [default=no ] --with-regexp-search [default=yes] --with-getopt [default=yes] --with-readline [default=yes] - changed spec file to use ./configure and make install (not tested yet) - added new source files to src/Makefile.am - moved *.h to pinfo_SOURCES - include config.h if need - version changed to 0.4.0 (like orginal tar.gz) Now pinfo succesfull compile :-) * .cvsignore: - added more autogenerated files * aclocal.m4, ltconfig, pinfo.spec: - autogenerated files * .cvsignore: - ignore more autogenerated files * src/readrc.c: - correct order of functions and some typos * src/.cvsignore: added some file: pinfo executable and .deps catalog * src/pinfo.c, src/utils.c, src/video.c, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/filehandling_functions.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/parse_config.c, src/parse_config.h: -integrated changes from 0.4.0 * .cvsignore: - ignore backup and autogenerated files * configure.in, Makefile.am, pinfo.spec.in: - spec is now autogenerated 1999-03-29 Tomasz Kłoczko * src/Makefile.am: * all header files moved to EXTRA_DIST, * s/pinfo_SOURCE/pinfo_SOURCES/. * doc/Makefile: - removed. This file is generated. * acconfig.h: - autoheader template. * configure.in: - VERSION to 0.3.9, - added ncurses detecting macros, - added AM_CONFIG_HEADER for autoheader. * autogen.sh: - proper version this file with checking scr and doc subdirectories before generating all neccesary files. * doc/.cvsignore, macros/.cvsignore, src/.cvsignore: - add Makefile to ignore list. * macros/aclocal-include.m4, macros/compiler-flags.m4: - autoconf macros: * aclocal-include.m4: template with including aclocal macros, * compiler-flags.m4: setting up compiler flags. * macros/Makefile.am: - added compiler-flags.m4 and aclocal-include.m4 to MACROS. * macros/macros.dep: - romeved. This file is generated. * macros/autogen.sh: - previouse verion based on GNOME template. Current is witout GNOME additions * macros/.cvsignore: - added to ignore list macros.dep. 1999-03-28 Tomasz Kłoczko * autogen.sh: - fixed message. * macros/.cvsignore, macros/Makefile.in, src/.cvsignore, src/Makefile.in, doc/.cvsignore, doc/Makefile.in: - added proper .cvsignore in subdirectories, - removed */Makefile.in files. * CHANGELOG, doc/pinfo.1, README, src/colors.c, src/colors.h, src/common_includes.h, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/filehandling_functions.h, src/keyboard.c, src/keyboard.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/manual.c, src/manual.h, src/menu_and_note_utils.c, src/pinfo.c, src/signal_handler.c, src/utils.c, src/utils.h: - integrated latest changes from 0.3.9 version. 1999-03-27 Tomasz Kłoczko * Makefile: - removed. * src/menu_and_note_utils.h, src/pinfo.c, src/readrc.c, src/readrc.h, src/regexp_search.c, src/regexp_search.h, src/signal_handler.c, src/signal_handler.h, src/utils.c, src/utils.h, src/video.c, src/video.h, doc/Makefile, doc/Makefile.am, doc/Makefile.in, doc/pinfo.1, macros/autogen.sh, macros/curses.m4, macros/macros.dep, macros/Makefile.am, macros/Makefile.in, src/colors.c, src/colors.h, src/common_includes.h, src/datatypes.c, src/datatypes.h, src/filehandling_functions.c, src/filehandling_functions.h, src/keyboard.c, src/keyboard.h, src/mainfunction.c, src/mainfunction.h, src/Makefile.am, src/Makefile.in, src/manual.c, src/manual.h, src/menu_and_note_utils.c, ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, aclocal.m4, AUTHORS, autogen.sh, ChangeLog, colors.c, colors.h, common_includes.h, configure.in, COPYING, datatypes.c, datatypes.h, filehandling_functions.c, filehandling_functions.h, GPL, keyboard.c, keyboard.h, ltconfig, mainfunction.c, Makefile.am, manual.c, manual.h, menu_and_note_utils.c, menu_and_note_utils.h, missing, mkinstalldirs, NEWS, pinfo.1, pinfo.c, pinfo.spec, readrc.c, readrc.h, regexp_search.c, regexp_search.h, signal_handler.c, signal_handler.h, utils.c, utils.h, video.c, video.h: - added autoconf/automake scheme, - some files moved to doc and src subdirestories - added macros subdirectory with autoconf macroc TODO: - add to configure.in detecting [n]curses using macros/curses/m4 macros. * utils.h, video.c, video.h, ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, CHANGELOG, colors.c, colors.h, common_includes.h, datatypes.c, datatypes.h, filehandling_functions.c, filehandling_functions.h, GPL, INSTALL, keyboard.c, keyboard.h, mainfunction.c, mainfunction.h, Makefile, manual.c, manual.h, menu_and_note_utils.c, menu_and_note_utils.h, pinfo.1, pinfo.c, README, readrc.c, readrc.h, regexp_search.c, regexp_search.h, signal_handler.c, signal_handler.h, TECHSTUFF, utils.c: pinfo: curses based info browser - initial version 0.3.5.